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Smash Brothas - Underwater Volcanoes

Posted on May 10, 2010 at 3:43 AM Comments comments (0)

Click the Image for a FREE DOWNLOAD of the lates from Utah's Illes Rap Duo! THE SMASH BROTHAS

Everything produced by the multi talented APPLEGREEN

Kosha Dillz - "Doo Doo"

Posted on May 10, 2010 at 3:22 AM Comments comments (0)

That's that "ish" if you want to speak in literal terms. Kosha Dillz' newest video "Doo Doo," off his album Beverly Dillz produced by Belief, is hitting the streets while he is on the "Alive and Well" tour w/ Mc Pig Pen + Pat Maine throughout the west and midwest.

The rapper is fresh off a suprise Bamboozle performance and has a slew of dates coming up from Warped Tour to overseas shows with Snoop Dogg in Amsterdam. His previous video, "cellular phone" hit everywhere from MTV and FUSE to VH1 and more.

You can catch him next with One Be Lo on 5/13 at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, Colorado.


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The Melvin Rocswell EP

Posted on May 3, 2010 at 4:37 AM Comments comments (0)


Review by Pat Maine

This EP is a collaboration between Kasi Rocswell and Melvin Junko that will make you wanna bitch slap your best friends mom. After slapping my pals mom down she started making me breakfast while I typed this review out. All the beats were produced by my main man melvin junko who will also be throwing some mom slapping beats on mine and Pig Pen's debut album. 3 of the tracks were "directed" by kas, and 3 of the tracks were "directed" by junko. Not sure what direction they were taking it but do know this is a classic ass underground hip hop banger. There are some really dope features involved in the EP. Task Rok from the land of salt, SLC, UT; GM from Albany NY; Gran MaurYay from and Bruise Wayne from Oakland, California. These guys have all my support. Anyway I'm bout to enjoy these eggs, my dudes ma gonna ice up that eye and while that happens you can listen to The Melvin Rocswell EP riiiiiiiight HERE!!!!



Alive and Well Tour Vegas

Posted on April 3, 2010 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (1)

Third Stop on the Tour!!!! So ill check how the night looked!!!


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Grieves Interview

Posted on February 22, 2010 at 12:16 PM Comments comments (3)


Interview By Pat Maine

First off congrats again on becoming the newest member on Rhymesayers Entertainment. What was the initial push that made you decide to make hip hop a career?


Does a polar bear get to decide his unfortunate geographic location? Does a tiger pick his beautiful coat of fur? Does a shark decide to love the salty taste of blood? We were all born to carry out our purpose provided by the giant screeching bird of prey in the sky. I carry out my purpose with pride and conviction. 

How old were you when you first started touring?

I first flew the coup when I was just a wee little eaglet. Knee high to a grasshopper I was, when I spread my wings and plunged from that nest. 21 years of age I think it was. I've been soaring ever since.


What proved to be the most difficult sacrifice around those times?

As a young fledgling.. life can prove to be rather difficult. especially while living in such a hostile environment. As a young hatchling danger is most prominent in the situations involving "first flight" with no knowlegde of the mechanics and pure physics of such an action.. many first timers fall to their doom. 

Is that different today?

Danger is still major part of my existence.. but as I've grown.. I've learned to tame the danger.. fly free and fight my fears on a cloud of fire. Smoke puffing from my nostrils I soar high... and true.

What do you think are the two main ingredients to sustain longevity from here?

A healthy diet of liquid magma and pure unadulterated strength.


Out of all your tracks, Which one 'never fails' live?

Get down, I ate your soul, and learning how to fall are normally heavy hitters.. I prefer "you are the wind beneath my wings" 

Whats your favorite tune of all time?

"Fly Like an Eagle" -Steve Miller or "Nobody Beats the Biz" which samples the immortal Steve Miller song "Fly Like an Eagle".

What is the most outlandish thing a fan has said to you while you were on stage?  

"EAT MY PUSSY"!!!!!!  -Kilby Court


When all the partying and hoo-rah is over how do you chill out?


Though I have the blood of a fearless beast of truth and patriotism flowing strongly through my blood. A nest is very important. Every divine creature needs a place to call home. After the smoke clears.. the blood dries.. and the fear of death it's very self has been released from my talons.. I let the night reflect it's beauty off my eyes as I perch high atop the tallest tree.     

Salt Lake City isn't known for hip hop. Amongst touring artist it is though. How do you think support here holds up to the rest of the country?


Due to the elevation.. I have found similarities in the actions of my salt lake peers. I too know what it's like to taste the moon every time you speak. I feel a special bond has been created due to this.



Most memorable moments in Salt Lake City?


I try not to compare my travels to one another.. for every journey is glorious for separate reasons. but.... if I was to pick one. I would have to say the time I swooped my prey from 2 miles above the ground. I spotted my target.. followed closely.. and as fast as a bullet flies..I struck down upon my prey and took my reward. I will never forget soaring through the sky with a full grown puma trap in the grasp of my mighty talons. It was truly powerful.


Is there anywhere else with a higher ratio of snowbunnies per capita?

Snow bunny? that sounds delicious.. Where might I find such a creature? 


Who in Salt Lake City would you recognize for doing big things?


My kin Will Sartain and Lance Saunders.


When is the Grieves and Pat Maine tour kicking off?


June 6th... 2006 

Any last words, shout outs, high five or slander you would like to leave with?



Peace to my brothers in mystic glory Budo and P.O.S.



88 keys and counting!! march 2nd!! Rhymesayers Entertainment!

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